Why choose us for your RAID Data Recovery?

RAID Server Data Recovery in London by Data Retrieval

RAID data recovery is one of the specialised data recovery services offered by Data Retrieval. Over the years, we have built our reputation as one of the leading data recovery companies based and working in Central London. Our team has advanced knowledge and experience in complex data recoveries, including system formats, drive corruption and recovery from the array
RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) configuration systems have the reputation to be safer than all the other digital data storage systems. While this is generally true, because the configuration is designed on multiple physical drives, whether standard hard drives or SSD, they are instances when one or more drives fail. When this happens, the system no longer works as it should and the redundancy process may be disrupted. In these instances, Data Retrieval can intervene and will rebuild your system as if nothing ever happened. Our RAID data services are carried either in our data recovery centre in central London, remotely or on site.
The advantages of using us include:

  • Free evaluation
  • No obligation quote
  • High success rates for all RAID configurations
  • Fast service reducing business downtime
  • A specialised RAID data recovery lab with a certified clean room
  • A friendly customer service that is available to discuss your RAID requirements immediately
  • Highly secured premises and secured systems
  • Highly confidential process – your data is in safe hands with us

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    Why does a RAID fail?

    The most common RAID failures include a failure of the RAID controller, a missing RAID partition, failed rebuild of RAID volume, multiple disk failure or crash of the server. When this happens, time is of the essence. We look after all the RAID hardware failures, RAID software issues, human errors and application failures. Taking the right steps is essential to prevent further damage and ensure a successful recovery. Data Retrieval has the right tools and facilities to ensure this difficult situation is corrected without delay. Our technicians have over 15 years’s experience in this field of work and can deal with any RAID configuration including the most common ones

      RAID Hardware Failures

    • Corrupted RAID configuration
    • Physical damage to drive
    • Overheating of the RAID hard disk drive
    • Intermittent drive failure
    • Multiple drive failure
    • Media surface contamination
    • Power surge
    • RAID controller failure
    • RAID corruption
    • RAID drive incompatibility
    • RAID array failed
    • Vibration damage
    • Damaged connector
    • Power circuit malfunction
    • Power supply failure
    • Lightning, flood or fire damage
    • Manufacturer defect

      Human Error

    • Accidental file deletion
    • Reformatting of drive or array
    • Reformatting of partitions
    • Incorrect replacement of media components
    • Overwrite of database files
    • Malicious sabotage
    • Lost or forgotten password
    • Overwritten RAID config files
    • Overwritten RAID settings
    • RAID incorrect setup
    • RAID user error

      RAID Software Issues

    • Missing partitions
    • Computer virus
    • Backup failures
    • Corrupted files
    • Damaged files or folders
    • Directory corruption
    • Firmware corruption
    • Server registry configuration error
    • RAID configuration error
    • Reformatting

      Application Failure

    • Inability to run applications or load files
    • Corrupted database data
    • Corrupted database files
    • Locked databases
    • Deleted tables

    Types of RAID Data Recovery Services offered by an industry leader like us

    Data Retrieval provides unparalleled RAID data recovery services for all RAID devices and configurations.

    • In-house RAID Data Recovery

      Data Retrieval is one of the leading data recovery centres in London. We are equipped with all the facilities and tools needed to carry out successful in-house RAID recoveries. Our technicians have years of experience in RAID configuration and server maintenance. They will assist you to restore your data as soon as they have diagnosed the fault and identify which of the disks on the system is causing the loss of data. They will then be able to discuss the most adapted recovery solutions and their costs.

    • Remote RAID Recovery

      In some case of RAID failures, the recovery of the data can be done remotely. This is a particularly popular service in cases of emergency logical RAID recoveries when the data is highly confidential and has to stay on-site. All the procedures are done using highly secure remote RAID recovery tools and help save time. The other advantage is that they can be done anywhere, whether you’re based in London or elsewhere.

    • On-site RAID Recovery

      Data Retrieval can dispatch an experienced field technician on your site if the RAID recovery needs to be done on a large storage server when too many disks are used and it would be too complicated to dismantle the entire system. The technician will troubleshoot the RAID problem and carry out an on-site diagnostic. If possible, he will repair the RAID on the spot, but in some cases, it may be necessary to take away the faulty drive to be recovered in our data recovery lab.

    • Server Data Recovery

      Losing large amount of data saved stored on a server can have catastrophic consequences. Data Retrieval prioritises business server recoveries where the data is super sensitive. Out of hours emergency server recovery is available, with the fastest turn around in London. We recover data from all brands and types of servers including drives making clicking noises, not booting, corrupted partition table, formatted drives, failed OS, RAID rebuild failure or RAID damaged by floods or fires.

    • RAID Data Recovery

      When one of the drive of your RAID starts making noises, if the RAID is crashing or doesn’t boot up, if it displays error messages, if some of the files have disappeared, have been formatted or have been deleted or if the RAID has been subjected to a power surge, a fire or a liquid damage, you can trust Data Retrieval to assist you quickly and efficiently.

    • NAS Data Recovery

      We are the right choice for all NAS recovery needs. We will get your NAS storage system back to normal without delay or downtime and helping you access your data without stress. Data Retrieval will be able to isolate the cause of the issue with your NAS quickly. By providing hands on assistance on all NAS types and brands, you can trust us to help you.

    • Mac Data Recovery

      Data Retrieval is specialised in the recovery of Mac OS for all Apple Mac computers, hard drives and SSD. Thanks to a range of sophisticated and up-to-date tools and software, we will give you the highest success rate to recover all your Mac files.

    • Windows Data Recovery

      Data Retrieval is one of the most reputable companies in London to carry out Windows recovery procedures. We can help you retrieve your data quickly, safely and at reasonable costs. Whether the Windows recovery is needed after a logical failure, a physical problem or an electrical problem, we have the solution to help you get your data back.

    • Linux Data Recovery

      When dealing with the recovery of your Linux system, Data Retrieval will use the latest and most advanced data recovery tools and years of experience in the field of complex data restoration. We will get the data stored on your computer that is or seems to be lost fast and securely.

    • UNIX Data Recovery

      Data Retrieval is here to help you when you’re confronted with lost, deleted, corrupted and damaged files on your Unix system. Our experts work with companies, institutions, organisations or individuals that are experiencing issues wit data that has been deleted or that is no longer accessible. They will help you handle problem situations when there are booting issues on the system.

    • VMware VMFS (Virtual Machine File System) Recovery

      Virtual Machines are software implementations of computer systems either through a hardware or a software or a combination of both. It offers computer virtualization service which has helped to make efforts in the computing world. The use of virtual machines has become more popular these days. Virtualization offers a number of advantages in disaster recovery, but still it is exposed to data loss caused by various internal and external factors.