Data Recovery Cost Assessment

Data recovery pricing differs from case to case. There is a wide range of storage devices these days and the types of failure are also different. So our engineers evaluate your storage device before quoting the price. For evaluation purpose, we use a precise algorithm that is observed from the previous recovery cases to know about the complexity of the case, the cause of the damage and the amount of data loss. This is how we make sure that our data recovery services are priced fairly. Our policy is: “No data, no cost!” If we are not able to recover the data that is important to you, then you need not pay us. Our data costs vary, but to offer the services at an affordable cost we have developed the following three-tier pricing program.

Tier 1 – Data recovery cost

This tier includes basic data recoveries that are not complicated and can be handled through our advanced data recovery platform. Tier 1 data recovery covers loss occurred due to a human error. Tier 1 data recovery cost applies to software-related issues such as accidental data deletion, formatted hard drives, OS problems due to damaged system files, etc. These problems can be solved using the specialised data recovery software. Most of the drive failures fall into this category.

Tier 2 – Data recovery cost

Issues that require more than just a software for the data recovery comes under the Tier 2 category. These are more complicated issues that take a long time to find out. Tier 2 pricing category includes physical problems as well as serious logical problems like firmware corruption. All new USB external hard drive data recovery will fall into this Tier. If there is a need for component exchange with the donor hard drive, then it will come under the Tier 3 category.

Tier 3 – Data recovery cost

All serious problems like physical damage to the storage device, broken components, clicking noise of the hard drive or critical database damage come under the Tier 3 data recovery. We use our clean airflow environment to recover the data which fall under this category. Tier 3 data recovery also requires the skill of an experienced data recovery professional. This tier also covers the cost of donor or replacement parts if any.

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