• Pricing

  • Need to recover your data?

    You have come to the right place. Our data recovery expert will evaluate your drive for free, after which we will let you know about the problem in your drive and give you a no-obligation quote for data recovery.

  • Our evaluation process will contain

  • Data loss inspection

    Our expert technicians use proven techniques to recover your data. Our data recovery lab is well equipped with all the latest data recovery tools to analyse the problem with your drive.

  • Quotation for data recovery

    Our engineer will send you a transparent, detailed quote for the data recovery service and a new, password protected external hard drive for the recovery of your data.

  • Data recovery

  • Standard data recovery

    We use a specialist software to read the content of the device and repair all the structural errors which acts as the cause of data loss

    4TB drives £99

    4-5 TB drives £169

  • Advanced data recovery

    Physical failure requires a clean environment where the drive can be safely disassembled and tested to recover the data. Our technicians also perform a manual examination and repair of data structures in case of complex issues

    4TB drives £299

    4-5 TB drives £399

    VAT Included

  • Brand new external hard drive

    WD My Passport external hard drive 1TB £60

    WD My Passport external hard drive 2TB £84

    Larger capacity drives available. VAT included.

  • Please note: We will give you an external drive of similar size to the one you send for recovery. For example, if you send a 2TB hard drive, we will quote you for a brand new 2TB external hard drive for the return of your recovered data.