Expert Server Data Recovery Services London

Data Retrieval is expert at completing successful server data recovery for businesses, organisations and individuals located in London. We carry work for all types of servers, such as NAS, DROBO, SAN and external hard drives which are used for the following servers:

  • Web server recovery
  • Database server recovery for large databases
  • Exchange server recovery for email
  • File and media servers such as DROBO, SAN, NAS and other external hard drives
  • Application servers
  • Virtual servers

The key to a successful server data recovery is a complete and accurate confirmation of the cause of failure so that the correct data recovery technique can be applied. The team at Data Retrieval will assess the condition of the server and identify whether the issue is physical with the necessity to replace a failing component or logical with corrupted data or operating system.

Server Data Recovery London

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Advanced server data recovery tools to ensure successful recoveries

The data recovery lab at Data Retrieval is equipped with the latest data recovery tools available on the market. The equipment, together with the advanced level of training received by our technicians, allows us to offer secure and reliable server recovery services whatever the cause of failure.

We are knowledgeable in why some servers can fail. The most common occurrences include:

  • Operating system not up to date or no longer supported
  • Patch not updated
  • Server out of space
  • Environmental factors which heat being one of the main causes of damage to a server that then overheats
  • Overheating due to lack of air circulation
  • Server drain
  • Improper software installation
  • Hardware component failure
  • Software failure
  • Power shortage
  • Natural catastrophe such as flooding, storms, fire etc…

We understand the cost of server downtime and are here to help you as soon as you experience a data access issue on your server.

Trust Data Retrieval for your server data recovery

Data Retrieval has been recovering servers for over 15 years. From our central London lab, we can either organise an on-site visit and a diagnostic or send a courier to collect the faulty server for a recovery in-house.

For more information or to get a quote for a server recovery, call us now on 020 7064 4996 and speak to one of our data recovery experts to discuss your requirements.