• Client Testimonials

  • All I can say is that all the university work saved on my laptop was recovered by Data Retrieva within a few hours. The data was then transfered to a new drive they installed in my machine and I was quickly able to carry on my studies as if nothing ever happened.

    David King

  • I would definitely use Data Retrieval again. Fast and professional service. They answered my call when I became unable to access my work at home one Friday evening. I was in their recovery centre the next day and the whole process was completed within only a few hours.

    Harvey Steward

  • A friend of mine recommended Data Retrieval when I suddenly became unable to access the photos and videos on my Mac. Stephen managed to recover all my data and offered me advice on how to upgrade my hadware too.

    Steven Ross

  • My hard drive was making clicking noises so I took my Dell laptop to Data Retrieval. They were able to replace my dead hard drive, recover the data from it and transfer it onto the new SSD drive they recommended. Now my laptop is working at speed and I love it!

    Donna Smith

  • Very good service. We came in this morning as we were unable to access our office files shared on the server. We had a RAID system in place, but the first hard drive of the RAID failed without notification and then the second one followed. We had to use Data Retrieval to rebuild the system and they were able to recover 98% of the data which is fantastic considering the damages there were to the drive.

    Angelina Darcy

  • Don't waste time calling companies around if you are in London. I went to see two data recovery specialists before I came across Data Retrieval and I must say, they are definitely the most trustworthy company I found. When I called them about the issues I had with my external hard drive, they didn't make any promises of a miracle solution but talked me through the different case scenarios and their costs. I then decided to take my drive for a quick evaluation - the area where the data recovery is carried out is fully kitted with special machines and a clean room and the guys working there are extremely knowledgeable. What I like about them is that the company isn't big and they are really helpful. When they managed to get the data back, they gave me a lift to the nearest computer shop so that I could purchase a cheap external drive to transfer my data onto. Thank you.

    Damian Litt