External hard drive recovery     

An external hard drive acts as an excellent storage device as they have a high storage capacity and are highly portable. However, it can be easily damaged due to various reasons and becomes susceptible to data loss, just like the hard drive in your computer. When an external hard drive fails, you need to work with a professional and qualified data recovery company who understands the potential challenges of external hard drive data recovery.     

At Data Retrieval Ltd, we handle hundreds of external HDD recovery cases every year. Our experienced engineering team will take a planned approach to treat each case. So whatever may be the reason for your external HDD loss, we have the we have the capabilities, expertise and tools to give you the best possible chances of a successful recovery. If you need a speed, secure and reliable recovery, then Data Retrieval Ltd, is your best option for professional external drive recovery.

Flash drive

Flash drives and USB drives are the most convenient way to transfer data from one location to another. Most people use this small device on a daily basis to hold valuable data. Flash drives are quiet durable but still they are susceptible to damage and failure. If you lose data from a Flash drive, you need fast help from a certified data recovery expert. Most of the common data loss scenarios for flash devices include Broken USB connection, physical damage, virus damage, data corruption and liquid and heat damage. 

Data Retrieval Ltd specializes in flash media repair and flash drive data recovery. At Data Retrieval Ltd, we use a standardized approach to give each case the best possible chances of a full recovery. Our engineers can recover data caused by any of the above said flash drive failure scenarios. If you are unable to access data stored on your Flash drive or USB device, contact us for best Flash drive data recovery service at the lowest possible cost.

Camera Card 

Losing irreplaceable memories can be devastating. It can have a personal as well as a professional impact. Many of the photos on a digital camera card cannot be copied or duplicated. The camera memory can fail if it gets snapped, scratched or damaged and can lead to a permanent loss of all your stored digital photos and videos.  If you have lost your precious photos or videos from a camera memory card, call Data Retrieval Ltd. Our professional engineers can help to recover the seemingly lost images from failed camera cards. At Data Retrieval Ltd, we have state of the art technology and techniques to ensure the best possible chance of recovering your lost images. Whatever may be the format of the photos or videos and whatever may be the reason for data loss, you can trust on us to recover your data. Have you lost access to all your precious digital photos and videos? Our expert data recovery team is waiting for your call.

Tape Data Recovery 

Tape is still being used by many businesses as a backup method. Tape cartridges can hold the data safely for 30 years and more. Tapes contain all the critical data of a business and it cannot be recreated easily. Tapes can also suffer physical or logical damage leading to data loss. It requires an intricate process to recover the data from the tape. Physical recovery is required when there is a physical problem with the plastics or media. Logical recovery means recovering data from the tape which cannot be read due to some reason.  Data Retrieval Ltd offers professional tape recovery services for all cartridge formats. We have an advanced laboratory and experienced engineering team who can recover the full access to important files within a few days. Data Retrieval Ltd is one of the tape recovery companies offering no data, no cost guarantee. Call us now to find out how we can restore and repair data from your tapes.

iPhone Data Recovery 

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the market today. You store an incredible amount of information on your iPhone like contacts, emails, documents, chats, and other important data. With the increasing use of Apple devices, the data loss cases have also gone up. You can lose data from your iPhone easily while pressing a wrong button accidentally or learning how to use a new app. Data can also be deleted if you run a factory reset or upgrade the software. If you lose your iPhone’s data, the best method to recover is to look for a qualified data recovery company with good experience. Parts of the iPhone are very delicate, so attempting to recover the data without any professional experience can make the situation worse.

Data Retrieval Ltd is one of the expert companies in iPhone data recovery. We use the best technology and tools in recovering your data from the iPhone, whatever the problem is. We employ skilled staff who are specially trained to handle sensitive and confidential data. If you have lost your iPhone data, then you have come to the right place. Our professional team of experts are ready to assist you and make use of our iPhone data recovery services. Call us now!

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