Logical hard drive data recovery     

You know your hard drive is in need of a logical data recovery if the drive is functioning properly but the data or partition have been accidentally deleted, if the drive has been formatted or if the operating system is corrupted. These types of data recoveries are considered as the simplest ones and do not require the opening of the hard drive in a clean room.    

Physical hard drive data recovery    

The most complex data recoveries, and the most expensive ones too, are often the physical ones. In many cases, a identical donor drive has to be found in order to replace a malfunctioning components such as the heads, the PCB board or the pre-amplifier arm. First of all, finding a truly identical drive is not always easy. References to look for depend on the brand of hard drive involved, for example Western Digital, Seagate or Samsung. Information such as place and date of manufacture have to be as close and possible and other references, including model number, heads map or serial number have to be exactly the same. Obtaining a donor drive for a part swap doesn’t guarantee a successful data recovery.     

Hard drive recovery after a natural disaster   

Data Retrieval can intervene when a disaster -such as a flood, earthquake, fire or a power surge from lightning – strikes and damages a hard drive. PCB board failures are common occurrences as they can easily get damaged.  

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