Preparing your company for the inevitable hard drive failure

We know that you’ve worked hard to make your business successful. You might have saved all the critical data of your business on servers within your building. Inside those servers are hard drives, which is used to store all your valuable data without which your company cannot function. So what would you do if you went into the office to access an important file and your computer wouldn’t turn on or the file you search is simply not there? Yes, this is a real possibility.

If you and your company was not prepared for such a disaster, you could be sitting there, worried and wondering how to recover data from hard disk. A disaster can occur in several ways and they are unlikely to occur, but being prepared for one is good protection for your business.  Hard drive failures are the most common electronic disasters on your network that can lead to data loss. It is also a challenging task to recover data from dead hard drive. Hard drives are not meant to last forever, they have a less shelf life. There is really no way to guess how long will your hard drive last. Hard drives contain moving parts and sometimes they can fail without any warning.

There are a few things which you can do to prevent disasters from affecting your company

Redundant hard drives

Additional hard drives can be used to keep a copy of all your data, so that if one hard drive fails your network will not fail. You can use a Mirror or RAID hard drive configuration.

Local backup

Having a backup of your data is more important to recover hard drive data. You should also consider how the data will be retrieved when disaster strikes.  A NAS (Network Attached Storage) works as an effective way to back up data.

Off-site backup

Off-site backups include external hard drives that can be alternatively used to backup data.  You can recover data from external hard drive in whatever way the software allows.

Cloud backup

Cloud backup lets you to copy your data to a data center which is located somewhere else in the world using your internet connection. This means that you are entrusting your data with a third party. You can request for drive recovery one file at a time or a full network restore.

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery means how quickly you can recover the lost data after a devastating event and can get back your company on track at 100%. There are different disaster recovery options ranging from cold, warm and hot standby solutions.

Advanced monitoring

Another option that can help ease the pain of hard drive failure is Advanced monitoring and alerts. This process involves taking a close look at the processes happening inside your hard drive and ensure that all the applications are running smoothly. This can definitely protect you from a failing hard drive. It might also be able to give you insights and identify tell tale signs of a hard drive getting ready for its last spin. You can also train your employees to observe the changes in the operating system.

It’s also important to have a backup plan in place with the help of a computer data recovery professional service to reduce your downtime. Data Retrieval Ltd is one of the best data recovery companies in London, offering best hard drive data recovery services for businesses, organizations and home users who are experiencing a hard drive failure. They can help you recover formatted hard drive. The other services offered by the company are disk recovery, Mac hard drive recovery, Mobile Data Recovery and external Hard drive data Recovery. The hard drive recovery cost of Data Retrieval Ltd is highly competitive, irrespective of the type of recovery required.

Hard drive failure is something that is inevitable. It will happen, sooner or later and all you can do is just be prepared for it. If you fail to prepare yourself, then it becomes difficult to recover the data from the hard drive. The good news is that you still have time to address the possibility of a hard drive failure. Using all the above options can help you in easy HD recovery. If you are in need for data recovery hard drive service, contact an expert data recovery company near you.

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