Apple’s Mac is a thing of beauty until it fails. The MacBook can fail due to hardware malfunction or human error. The sealed unit can trap your data inside and you cannot even open the body as it will void any warranty. All of a sudden you might find yourself requiring professional help to recover data from your MacBook. Don’t worry. Get the help of a professional and expert Mac data recovery specialist in London.

Professional Mac Data Recovery Services

Data Retrieval Ltd specialize in Mac Book data recovery. Our Mac Book recovery team is highly qualified, experienced and capable of retrieving information from Mac Book. Our technicians are well versed about the components of Apple and can retrieve information from the Mac Book with ease. Our data recovery lab uses advanced technologies required in the data recovery process and our team of data recovery specialists have a high degree of success in recovering data lost from the Apple Mac Book. We offer professional, speedy and economical hard disk data recovery of Mac Book.

Common causes of data loss from Mac device

Data Retrieval Ltd offers data recovery services for Mac under the following situation

  • Physical /Mechanical hard drive crash failures
  • Multiple hard drive failure e.g. X server, Apple RAID server
  • Logical hard drive crash failure
  • Recovery of delete volumes (HFS, HFS+, FAT, NTFS, or Ex-FAT)
  • Disk failures in case of natural disaster

Data Retrieval Ltd restores deleted files from any of the Mac devices listed below

  • Mac Systems
  • Mac Operating Systems
  • Mac Servers
  • Mac Applications and Files

Mac Data Recovery Services Offered

Data Retrieval Ltd is specialized in recovering the following data loss

  • Data loss due to Mac hardware failure
  • Data loss due to Hard drive reformatting
  • Mac OS X volume errors
  • Mac Operating system failure
  • External Mac hard drive failure
  • Graphic file recovery – All kinds of data, including Photos, Address book, Movies, Music, Database files etc.

Mac Data Recovery Experts

Data Retrieval Ltd has been recovering data from the last 30 years and we’ve created our own in house software and technology to recover data from Mac products. Our skilled and trained data recovery experts are trained with best data recovery techniques and technology. If you are facing hard disk failure or any other problem connected with your Mac device, contact Data Retrieval Ltd at 020 7064 4996 or you can also use the Book your recovery form on the website.

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