Best way to get data off a failing hard drive

Hard drive is the most important part of any computer unit. It is the primary storage unit which contains a number of disks associated with it and each disk has its own memory reader. Like all the other devices, hard drive is prone to failure, damage or crash irrespective of the model and make of the hard drive.

Suddenly, your hard drive may fail and you can see a blue screen of death and you can observe some abrupt electrical fizzing sounds. These are some of the situations where you can encounter data loss. You might feel that your priceless data has been lost forever. But there are reasons to still look up and recover data from hard drive.

Reasons for hard drive repair

  1. Mechanical or internal failure

Hard disk repair can happen due to stoppage of spindle motor functioning, bad blocks and sectors, damaged PCB board, or immovable read/write head. The common symptoms of such failure include a clicking sound, system freezes, blank screen and invisible files or folders. The possible reasons for the failure may be viral attack or degradation of moving parts. The solution to recover deleted files is to contact a data retrieval company. Data Retrieval Ltd is a data recovery company in London, offering hard drive recovery services at affordable cost. They also offer other data recovery services like USB recovery, flash drive recovery and disk recovery.


  1. Corrupt files

This is the state in which the error occurs due to corrupt system files that have been damaged. The common symptoms of corrupt files are unexpected shutdown and denial to access the system. The possible reasons are an improper shutdown of the system, use of harmful applications and unintentional closure of any currently running program. To avoid the corruption of files in the hard drive reader, you should follow a proper method of shutdown system, close all the open programs before shutting down and do not install any malicious application.


  1. Heat

Heat is another main reason for hard drive failure. The hard drive becomes damaged if it is used in an improperly cooled computer system or a hot environment. The symptoms of this failure include a clicking sound, fan running at a low speed and the system becomes extremely hot. The possible reasons can include a fault state of the CPU fan and improper ventilation. To avoid excessive heat of the system, ensure that the fan is working properly. Use thermal paste to maintain smooth functioning of the system.

  1. Firmware faults

These problems occur in the new hard drive and it is usually a manufacturing fault. The symptoms include unrecognizable hard disk, system hang and the system fails to boot. You can connect with the manufacturer and complain about the problem. You can also use a hard drive recovery software to recover deleted files or you can get the assistance of a data recovery company to help you in hard disk recovery.

  1. Human errors

Human errors are the main reason for hard drive failure. It can be due to faulty installation of OS, unintentional deletion, modification in the settings and alteration of system file locations. These errors usually require a professional data recovery company to perform the hard drive data recovery.

Getting Data Back from Damaged, Corrupt, or Inaccessible Hard Drive

Hard disk failure can happen at any time. You should be prepared to face the problem. For easy disk recovery, you should have a proper restoration as well as a backup plan. Having a backup of your data is the only way to recover data, whatever may be the reason for the failure. Another alternative is to look out for a data recovery company. A Data Recovery company is a simple, quick, reliable, secure, and powerful Data Recovery Solution. Data Retrieval Ltd offers hard drive data recovery services at a highly competitive price, irrespective of the type of recovery required.

By now, you must be acquainted with the various reasons that leads to hard drive failure. You have also learned the symptoms and best practices to recover the lost data. Thus, if you ever encounter a hard drive failure situation, look for the possible reason of your hard disk failure and choose the most appropriate recovery option.

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